Mission and Vision


  • Deliver top quality technological solutions in the water and energy area, from initial studies to construction and use by the customer. All to meet the satisfaction of our customers’ needs, either public or private, while complying with strict time limits.
  • Achieve the integration of these solutions in Chile and neighboring countries, through constant technological upgrading, placing the development and permanent training of users and operators at the center of our projects.
  • Contribute to protection and care of the environment through projects directed to a professional management of hydric resources, water reuse, RILES and energy efficiency.



  • To be a technological platform globally interconnected, contributing to economic and social development in South America.
  • To offer a cutting-edge innovative service in order to achieve efficiency and optimize our long-term projects.
  • Monitor our clients at all stages of their project, with all-inclusive approach focused on service: consulting and studies, engineering, assembly and construction, operation and maintenance.
  • Develop a high quality professional team, with international background, multidisciplinary and multicultural training, with values of integrity, trust and consistency that is ready to meet the needs of our customers.