Compact Solutions


WES offers compact solutions for drinking water production and wastewater treatment.

We manufacture and install water treatment plants in 20″ or 40″ sea containers which help save space, optimize implementation costs – due to its modularity -, in accordance with the current legislation and the environment.

Main Features

Easy to transport and install, our compact water treatment plants are ideal for the installation of temporary works, mining camps and military bases, among others. In general, very convenient in limited spaces to minimize the costs of civil works, with only a concrete slab being necessary. They are particularly suitable for communities between 100-5,000 people.

We propose modular plants in the following processes:

  • Desalinization and purification by Reverse Osmosis
  • Waste water purification through activated sludge, SBR
  • Waste water purification through membrane bioreactors

We are constantly working to innovate and propose new solutions for the market. WES combines compact solutions with renewable energies – wind-solar systems on-grid or off-grid, with or without battery – for easy installation in remote locations and reduction of operating costs.

  • Expandable
  • Relocatable
  • Highly transportable
  • Few lead-in tasks
  • Shortened implementation periods
  • Runs on renewable energy