Water + Energy

WES performs projects of combined water treatment with renewable energies such as solar or wind. We are constantly at work to innovate and propose new solutions on the market allowing us to optimize operating costs that are suitable for the environment. This way, all our technologies combine the use of renewable energies.

Depending on the size of the plant and its implementation, WES offers Off-grid and on-grid systems combined with thermal backup systems.


  • Solar and/or wind energy supply
  • On-grid and Off-grid systems
  • Combinable with all our solutions
  • Diminishing energy costs
  • Low environmental impact

Wind + Solar Off-grid without battery

Considering the alternative between storing water or storing energy, WES offers water treatment systems adaptable to the energy availability. This means that the plant uses the energy generated in real time to produce and store water, rather than store energy in batteries, and produce water afterwards.

The storage of water is enough to meet the demand even when no power is available. Thus, the battery maintenance costs and energy losses are avoided.

The plant produces water when there is power available, variable inflow, so that minimal energy is required.

Wind + Solar Off-grid

For isolated modular plants, with no access to electricity grids or a high degree of autonomy, WES offers power supplies on renewable energy and batteries.

These plants are installed in shipping containers in order to improve transportation and reduce assembly time.

These water production plants may consider any water treatment process: simple filtration, adsorption, reverse osmosis, etc. Depending on the quality of the water source and the target quality.

Wind + Solar On-grid

For locations close to an electric grid, WES offers an energy supply system on NCRE, without batteries.

The On-grid setting allows the plant to work with two sources: renewable energy and electric power energy. Electricity generated from renewable energy sources may also be supplied to this same network. Thus, the energy cost is reduced thanks to the generation of renewable energy.


  • Constant power supply
  • No battery bank (diminishes costs and impacts on the environment)
  • Diminishes energy costs (benefits)